‘The Visual Eye’ Flash Application

v-eyeVisual Eye is an instructional flip-book Flash animation developed by Let’s Talk Graphics. Visual Eye covers 30 points of the human eyeball. To view this booklet, Adobe Flash player is required (Flash is already installed as a plugin in most browsers, but if you need it, it is free from Adobe, and can be downloaded from the Adobe website). While not absolutely necessary, Visual Eye is optimally viewed at 1024×768 screen resolution.

Original artwork and text descriptions for Visual Eye were obtained through Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons — two of the very best places on the Web for accurate, open-sourced encyclopedic information and images. Visual Eye points to the aforementioned resources; notice the clickable links throughout the booklet. Please note however, that Wikipedia content is regularly refined by its expert contributors. As such, the description that we felt comfortable going with — the one found in the Visual Eye booklet — may not always exactly match the description found at the Wikipedia web site. Call it creative license, and the fact that we have our own accredited expert contributors on-hand. 🙂

Version 2 of Visual Eye weighs in at just under 5 megabytes. Once the booklet finishes loading, controls are straightforward. Specific points within the book may be reached from the Table Of Contents. To turn to the next page, click, or drag from any corner of the booklet.

Located above the booklet are major tabs to points TOC, 10, 20 and credits. With 30 total points covered across 65 pages, those particular pages seemed like ideal interim points to land on. (read: saves from a lot of page-turning.)

Launch Visual Eye (please be patient while Visual Eye loads — it’s almost 5M!)

Credits: The Visual Eye is an instructional flip-book Flash animation developed by Let’s Talk Graphics, using an award-winning diagram of the human eye developed by Wikimedia Commons contributor Ignacio Icke.