The Company

Dr. Leaks Optometry provides a full-spectrum eye health care solution. The goal is not just to detect and diagnose existing eye-related issues, but to guide Patients along the way to improved eye health care.

Primary services include screenings, comprehensive exams and full contact lens evaluations and fittings. There are over 500 eyeglass frames in stock, featuring some of today’s most sought-after manufacturers, styles and designs.

Dr Leaks’ office is the only optical provider in Pahrump that has its own in-house lab. The ability to manufacture a prescription lens on-site enables makes it possible to provide same- or next-day service on many eyeglass prescriptions.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality eye care available. We shall strive to offer our services in such a manner that no patient will have to compromise on SERVICE, QUALITY, PRICE, STYLE, SELECTION or CONVENIENCE. Our patients come first, and our primary reason for having the office is for the benefit of people who use our services.

Dr. Leaks believes in keeping up to date with the latest developments in optometry, and to this end will earn 50-60 hours of continuing education each year. His office has the most cutting-edge, state-of-the art equipment available in the nation! His emphasis on health issues is why the doctor made the investment in specialized equipment for early detection of potential problems.



In-house Laboratory

100_7685Dr. George Leaks’ office is the only optical provider in Pahrump that has its own in-house lab. This provides the ability to manufacture lenses*, and provide same day service* on many eyeglass prescriptions.

Our in-house lab can:

  • Manufacture spectacle lenses
  • Edge lenses for mounting into frames
  • Tint lenses
  • Do frame adjustment & repair


Lenses are available in:

  • Single vision
  • Lined bi-focal
  • Lined tri-focal
  • Progressive addition lenses
  • All lenses are available clear, tinted or photochromic



insuranceMost major insurance carriers are accepted, including ACA Medicaid & Nevada Health Net  to help Patients get the most out of their benefits.

New Patients please note, other Doctors’ written prescriptions are accepted.