Comprehensive Exam

– is a thorough eye-health examination. In order to accomplish such a detailed assessment, an Optometrist will run a battery of tests using a variety of specialized equipment. The individual tests that you might undergo include cover test, slit-lamp examination, visual field testing, dilation, glaucoma test (tonometer), refraction, retinoscopy, autorefractor and/or aberrometer.

Intermediate Exam (a.k.a. post-operative or follow-up exam)

– is an intermediary/follow-up examination, typically following a surgical or opthamological procedure. Additional instructions / diagnoses / measures / evaluations may be made/offered/suggested.

Contact Lens Exam

– is a series of non-invasive tests to determine which contact lens will best fit your needs. A consulation and examination will help determine your current eye health and vision. A detailed measurement of your eye’s surface and curvature is made, which will then determine the correct lens size for you. If you are a new contact lens wearer, Dr Leaks’ staff will provide instruction to ensure that you are completely comfortable with your new prescription.

Pre-LASIK Exam

– is a series of painless diagnostic tests implementing state-of-the-art equipment not commonly used in standard eye exams. Our doctors will review the results of the tests and perform a thorough eye exam to help determine your candidacy for LASIK.

Office Visits

– can be anything from an unscheduled emergency walk-in to a follow-up exam scheduled months in advance. For example, an intermediate exam may be for post-operative purposes – as a follow-up to a recent eye surgery.