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G. Dennis Leaks, OD, LTD, is a top provider of designer eyewear in and around Pahrump, Nevada, with more than 500 frames from which to choose, including popular designer brands. Our eye doctors and optical technicians are skilled in helping men, women, and children find the frame styles and lens options that help them feel confident and keep their eyes protected. Come in today to see all the styles we offer, and learn how easy it is to look great and enjoy crisp, clear vision. Call our office, or schedule an appointment online today.

Designer Eyewear Q & A

How will the eye doctor decide if I need glasses?

If you have a problem with your vision, having a comprehensive eye exam is the best way to learn if glasses can correct it. During your office visit, your eye doctor will perform a series of exams to assess both your vision and your eye health to determine if glasses are the right choice to help you improve your vision problems.

How can I make sure I choose the best lenses and frames for my needs?

The eye doctors and vision care staff at G. Dennis Leaks, OD, LTD, are experienced in helping patients find the right lenses and the right frames for their vision needs and their personal style and aesthetics. Our practice offers a wide array of designer eyewear options, as well as glasses designed for sports and other activities. In fact, we have more than 500 frames in stock, including popular and sought-after designer brands. Plus, we offer sunglasses and frames designed especially for kids.

We can also help you decide on the type of lens that works best for your lifestyle, including lenses that change their tint under different lighting conditions, lenses that help reduce glare, and lenses that resist breakage (an especially important consideration for kids and active adults). Depending on your own lifestyle, you may benefit from more than one pair of eyeglasses to ensure your eyes are protected and you have the best vision no matter what you’re doing.

I have problems with near vision. Is it OK to buy reading glasses from a drugstore?

Although so-called “readers” may provide you with clearer vision when reading or performing other close-up work, using over-the-counter eyewear without a recommendation from your eye doctor can eventually make your vision problems worse over time. That’s because over-the-counter glasses are made using one-size-fits-all lens metrics that simply aren’t designed to be fine-tuned to your needs. Plus, the lenses don’t use the same materials and high-tech fabrication methods, leaving them open to tiny imperfections that can also cause vision issues to worsen.

Store-bought glasses also use the same prescription for both eyes, when in fact, most people have different vision needs in each eye. And finally, some vision problems are caused by serious eye diseases. If you buy over-the-counter glasses, you can delay diagnosis and treatment of these diseases, increasing your risk for permanent vision loss.