Ocular Response Analysis


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Changes in intraocular pressure are a hallmark of glaucoma, but it isn’t always easy to get the most accurate pressure measurements for diagnosis. At G. Dennis Leaks, OD, LTD, we use advanced ocular response analysis to take precise pressure measurements in patients in Pahrump, Nevada, who have or are at risk for glaucoma. The non-contact test is quick, painless, and noninvasive, and it can be performed during a routine comprehensive eye exam or a diabetic eye exam for optimal convenience. Call today to learn more, or schedule your consultation online.

Ocular Response Analysis Q & A

What is ocular response analysis?

Ocular response analysis is a highly accurate testing method used to assess the pressure inside your eye (also called your intraocular pressure or IOP). Measuring IOP is an important part of screening for glaucoma as well as for managing the disease and ensuring treatments remain optimized for the patient’s needs.

How is ocular response analysis performed?

At G. Dennis Leaks, OD, LTD, we use the Ocular Response Analyzer®, a state-of-the-art system from Reichert Technologies that offers superior accuracy for identifying the signs and symptoms of glaucoma and for measuring its progression so treatment can be optimized over time.

The Ocular Response Analyzer is designed to measure your corneal hysteresis, which is a measurement of your cornea’s ability to absorb and then release energy. Corneal hysteresis has been shown to be a much more accurate predictor of glaucoma and glaucoma progression compared to previous measurements used by older systems and techniques.

Specifically, people with lower corneal hysteresis values have been shown to have faster rates of vision loss compared to those with higher values. Corneal hysteresis is not the same as corneal thickness, which is used to assess refractive vision problems. Studies have shown corneal hysteresis is a powerful independent predictor of glaucoma progression.

The Ocular Response Analyzer also measures corneal compensated intraocular pressure (IOPcc), which is a superior indicator of true intraocular pressure compared to other traditional IOP measurement techniques.

When is ocular response analysis performed?

Ocular response analysis is performed on patients who have been diagnosed with glaucoma to provide ongoing information that can help guide treatment to slow the disease progression and slow or prevent future vision loss. It can also be used to look for signs of glaucoma in patients who are at risk for the disease.

What happens during ocular response analysis?

Ocular response analysis is completely painless and noninvasive, and it can be performed during a routine comprehensive eye exam or on its own. During the analysis, you’ll rest your forehead against the machine to keep your head and eyes steady, then you’ll look into a special opening while the machine performs the analysis. The entire evaluation takes just a few minutes.